Monday, February 1, 2010

What Am I?


“I am to be the man I was sent to become.”

This description about my essence and nature is the most honest, unbiased, and revealing as I can muster without in some way contaminating its consummate purity. Is it definitive, unambiguous, or unequivocal? No, yet it is absolute truth. I am neither Democrat or Republican, I have no vested interest in or against either major political party. I do not base my political opinions upon what is best for me personally (i.e. - religious denomination, union affiliation, racial/ ethnic background, or special interests such as reproductive rights, American Association of Retired Persons, National Organization for Women, etc.)

I am is an American patriot, by the classical standard not the standard affixed to right wing, erroneously labeled “militia groups” by the law enforcement. I am a nationalist, in the sense that I am ardently opposed to “global governance”, however I am well aware that my nation’s government by direct acts act or extension is guilty of many wrongs in both both domestic and foreign affairs, in the past and at present.

It is my belief that all Americas’ past and present problems stem from one common error…  Failure to be the nation it was sent to become.
By what standard do I make this assessment? By the ONE AND ONLY SINGLE VALID STANDARD there is… the Original Intent of the Founding Fathers by studying their written documents, letters, opinions, and position papers within their seminal context.

US Constitution

The Nation We Were Sent To Become 


These are not ancient national relics to be remembered school tests or passive historical documents to peer at through UV-shielded, bullet-resistant glass, distanced by velour ropes. These documents and the ideas contained therein are your birthright and mine.  These writings I describe are current, comprehensive, without equivocation, and succinctly detailing WHO and WHAT WE ARE to become as The United States of America. I implore you to study these texts to their fullness and savor the richness of ideas, the visionary foresight, and intellectual excellence that is nowhere to be found in our politics today.

Your entire outlook on politics may change when you rediscover what we should and must have, rather than what we have settled for as an Free American.