Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Precious Seed


These United States of America can not be beaten to any acts of foreign military aggression or international terrorism. For it is more than a nation, a set of geographical borders, or patch of dirt situated between two large oceans, it is the ideal that was planet in the soil and in the hearts and minds of men that is America. So, I do not fear fir our “national security” which today means anything the government doesn’t want anyone to know. To those who would do harm to our property or our countrymen, be they foreign or a traitor within I say, "Let them come!” That Precious Seed of which I spoke will enrich their understanding of the resolve of an American patriot defending his own lands as they enrich our fertile soil supplemented by their blood.

That which made The United States of America great among nations does not reside in edifices such as the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon, or the White House.  These are the mere trappings and props of America. ,During the War of 1812, nearly all public buildings in Washington, D.C. were burned to the ground and we remained undaunted, suffering little more than a bruised sense of national pride.  Considering that when sufficiently annoyed, we have been known to put our own buildings to the torch as an expression of our discontent, so what can these things if stone, steel, or timber mean to us? 

That which made The United States of America golden by the tarnish of past errors, such as slavery, racism, or the continuing treasons and crimes of the rogues who occupy our government’s capitol. The British occupied every American city of consequence and controlled vastly superior forces both numerically and in quality during the Revolutionary War, yet much to their consternation they were defeated. The Precious Seed cannot be conquered by force of arms, only surrendered or abandoned by those who fail to comprehend its incalculable value.

I know there are those who see America as a land of greed, a land of excess, a land without values, but I say that the are looking to the wrong place if they are looking elsewhere but in the heart of those Americans who understand the concepts inherent in principles such as,

  • Inalienable Rights
  • Consent of the Governed
  • Right and Duty of Revolution
  • Individual Human Rights
  • Rule of Law over the arbitrary divine right of kings

Our nobles are noble ideas, rather than the degenerate products of inbreeding. However, we have taken ill with an of insidious and progressive infection of amnesia about the principles and values that embodied in all virtue, every dream, and each prayer that the children of God whispered into His ear since perhaps the first time our reason was corrupted by madness.  Then it was the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and it the false promises of Godlike power. Today it is the false promises of security, safety, prosperity, protection, equality, convenience, affordable health care, and the countless other cradle to grave provisions for your wellbeing…all for the paltry price of relinquishing EVERYTHING that made us worth a nickel more than other patch of dirt on the planet be it Eden or Hades.We must atone for our relapse and answer the clarion call to protect The Precious Seed of Liberty or perish from the face of this earth in defense of it.

When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.