Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Purpose in Patriotism

I understand, times are tough and patriotic displays are one place we can afford to cut spending. A few dollars for fireworks on the Fourth and a "Support Our Troops" bumper sticker under three bucks. That's about all we've got, just like everyone else. Oh, and we sing the National Anthem before baseball games. We all do that too. Being a patriot got a bad rap in the 1980's, when love of America took a back seat to the white supremacist, gun toting lunatic in the woods of wherever who was certain the Guberment (not a typo) was gonna kill us in them FEMA camps the UN was setting up. Oddly enough, this redefinition of patriotism took place at the same time being a Global citizen came into fashion. Weird, huh? I'm not saying it was a conspiracy, just pointing out that it's one of those perfectly timed and well planned coincides that happen rather regularly.

Sort of like the chemical weapons attack coincidences that precede just about anywhere on the globe we take a pining to invading ala' Iraq, Syria, Libya. It's damn peculiar.

However, patriotism is a good thing because it keeps reminding people that even when we disagree, we're still on the same side so we don't turn into a bunch of disparate feuding factions, right? That would make us susceptible to being manipulated one against the other. United we stand, right? Next thing you'd know we'd be jumping from one endless war to another and robbed by sleazy business tycoons running giant financial scams, and getting away with it, too. Right? Political parties would be defrauding the voters, political candidates would walk away from felonies scott free in a country where the people don't give a dootie about their nation or their future because it's been so mismanaged it's hopeless. Just take a valium, smoke an oxy, or shoot some heroin, hell shoot yourself, and call it a night.

Mostly Truth

They will call this fake news, and part of it is. Hillary wouldn't publish the truth. Therefore, there is no book. The rest is truth. Do your own research. You'll figure it out if you want to, but odds are that you would rather remain blissfully unaware of this nation's situation. Most of us are the people Morpheus is describing here...

You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependant on the system, that they will fight to protect it. -Morpheus

Saturday, October 7, 2017

A Moment of Clarity

We spend hours everyday voicing our opinions, mostly to ourselves, on Facebook as if it makes a difference. We watch the news, we read the  papers, and if we could just stop, put aside the heat of the moment and think in the light for a few memes about what's happened over the last couple of decades, we'd be hard pressed to conclude anything other than this...

We've lost our country and our voice in the world. We've been robbed of our future by scheming politicians (all of them) and crafty financiers (the usual suspects). In retaliation or by persuasion, we're robbing our children's children's children of their future by means of accounting ledgers because we've developed a sense of entitlement which is as boundless as the greed our "leaders" and their banker backers have repeatedly demonstrated by their bad examples. 

We're following the leaders.

Just following the leaders.