Monday, February 12, 2018

Fur-Lined Sinks for Free!

It's a Lie

Anyone involved in the business world long enough has heard the cliche, “TIME is MONEY, but the flaw in this revered fact is it's false.

The Worker Mindset

When paid an hourly wage, the employee assumes that an hour of our time is of equal value whether they are providing valued products or services to customers, or browsing Both provide the worker with equal compensation to service their wants and needs and wants.

The Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneurs understand that “PROVISION is MONEY. Time is the “space” in which provision happens or purses get perused on Provision is the process of providing customers with the goods and services they want and need for which they are willing to pay.

These paradigms delineate the division between workers and entrepreneurs. A worker may naturally by the law of calorie conservation avoid work while the entrepreneur finds or creates solutions to facilitate provision.

When someone with the worker mindset opens a business, they may spend countless hours preparing their product. Yet, even after declaring bankruptcy the dismayed worker mindset remains befuddled how those thousands of hours spent producing fur-lined sinks couldn't keep their custom kitchen business afloat. Trapped in the worker mindset, they churn the same irrelevant facts through their heads:

  • They had a monopoly!
  • They worked their ass off!
  • They worked from dawn till dusk every day.
  • They  poured their life savings into advertising.
  • They spent every waking moment living fur-lined sinks.
  • Life isn't fair.

No, my friend, LIFE is not FAIR, and TIME is not MONEY.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


The more a nation's leadership howls about the wolves outside the castle gates, the more obvious it should be that claws rest upon the throne.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Truth about North Korea

QUESTION: Why Does the superpower America fear tiny North Korea obtaining nuclear weapons?

HALFWIT’S ANSWER: Because they are a rouge state which pose a clear and present danger to the United States and our interests overseas.

SKEPTIC’S ANSWER: Because saber rattling increases President Trump’s popularity ratings and he is desperate to legitimize his election which was stolen by him with the aid of the Russians who also pose a clear and present danger to the United States and our interests overseas.

THE TRUTH: Unfortunately, the truth doesn’t fit into a convenient thirty second soundbite, but human beings have an amazing power to know the truth when they hear it or read it as the case may be. However, if no one is speaking the truth, then no one is hearing the truth, and in such times any fiction will do. The previous two answers are just such fiction. Many younger Americans remember very little about the Korean War. The more educated will recall from the history lessons the harrowing conditions suffered by the American soldiers at the Chosin Reservoir and the bold landing at Inchon Harbor that encircled the North Koreans and turned the fortunes of the American backed south from certain defeat to a partitioned Korean stalemate. The less educated young American will only remember a lot of shelling done by the North Koreans upon some very funny doctors of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital starring Alan Alda and an incomparable cast of others. This is very far from the full unadulterated truth.

The North Koreans invaded the South for the typical reason anyone starts a war, theft. Men do not abide other men living in peace for long. In times of peace men create such beautiful and useful things in great abundance. Men of war see these things and covet them, so they do what they do and go to war in the hopes of stealing such beautiful things and holding them aloft before their people and shouting, “These things rightfully belong to us. Did not our God or political system or economic ideology hand them over to us? Are they not rightfully ours as the victors?” Theft. Just a consecrated, insulated form of criminality. That was the North Koreans motives and just about every other warlord’s model for the perfect crime throughout human history.

The North Korean warlord, Kim Il Sung, overestimated his thieving skills when he invaded the South on the 25th of June, 1950. Not by much, because he almost got away with it, but enough to accomplish very little with the exception of an enormous body count by war’s end. During the defense of South Korea, America prosecuted a bombing air war that was by all accounts “savage”: Atrocities were committed. War not only provides for unmitigated theft, but another one of mankind’s favorite sins, murder. When the North Korean soldier wrote home to tell his family how tough things were in the “glorious campaign” (of theft) and the letter was returned to him explaining that everyone he knew and cared about back home had been obliterated by an American bomb, they tended to take such news personally. This type of notification happened on a massive scale. America lost 0.25% of it’s population in all of World War 2, the North Koreans lost 100 times as many, a full 25% of their population in this meat grinder we know today as the Korean War. So, in a nutshell, the reason why America fears North Korea having a nuclear weapon is because we killed their mothers, their fathers, their sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, best friends, lovers, and even their favorite water buffalo and we don’t want them to have the opportunity to do it back to us. 

The sins of our fathers...

North Korean Veteran Coming Home

That is the truth.