Saturday, April 22, 2017


Have you ever pulled the cushions off the couch and thrown a blanket over the top to build a fort, a post office, ticket counter, or the general store? For a little while, as long as you could suspend disbelief, those cushions and a blanket were anything you pretended them to be. You invited your brother or sister, maybe your friends to play along, and they did. It was fun for everyone, until someone decided to play the bully who had to have it all. The fort, the post office, ticket counter, and the general store all belonged to the bully. Everyone playing was the bully's property, as well. You weren’t having that, so a fight broke out.

A broken lamp later, your Mom yelled down the stairs, “That’s enough of those silly games! The President is giving the State of the Union address. I can’t think straight with all the bickering going on and I’m trying to suspend disbelief!” 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Situational Awareness

It often seems that our government is unresponsive to the needs of the People or it is out of touch with them and the core Principles on which this nation was founded. There may be a reason other than the wrong person, political party affiliation, or particular ideology influencing the government's overall performance in serving the People...

We put on a good show when we're on the world stage. We've got our talking points properly arranged and our keywords are flawless. Freedom, peace, stability, fairness, progress, and don't forget the children... Yes, the poor little children (show the photos/ shed a tear), but when it comes to sincerity... that's where we're reminded that it's really just a good show...

Playing the victim and being the bully has seeped into our nation's foreign policy over the past few decades, and it does not become us. We do not have the Right to invade sovereign nations based upon some nebulous sense of own moral rectitude while making bed partners of repressive autocrats and murderous dictators. Oddly enough, this sort of  behavior has the world thinking we may be just the slightest bit disingenuous.

You think, "This upsets me. I'm going to write my Congressional representative and get this all straightened out."

Okay,  great,  and they will send you back an auto-pen signed form letter assuring you that your opinion matters along with a postage paid envelope urging you to give generously to their reelection fund to ensure that they can continue to keep up the good fight for you, your family, and don't forget your poor (and getting poorer by the minute) little children.

Effectiveness: Zero Point Zero Percent.

Since the dawn of non-nomadic communities we have been slaves, subjects, or citizens of a human machination which always takes the form of a hierarchy, a pyramid, with the vast majority of us at the base and a "blessed" few at the top. Why has this been so, and why is it so? Some would offer Divine Right, better genetics, intellectual gunpowder, persistent luck, or might makes right as the cause of their  good fortune, yet the science of prominent position in the human order remains unresolved.  Karma, the Fates, Juno, taking the Crusade, or Bastet , all fill their cultural ranks of the well-to-do with apparent random impartiality. Those from the "high born" tend to claim the genetic or divine right banners as their own. Those who are "self-made" will tender hard work, frugal living, and uncommon character as their royal patent to their new title. Perhaps, the truth is they know which games to play and how to play them to the hilt.    

-------------End status report ----------