Sunday, September 17, 2017

Our Perpetual President

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Here we are just eight months from the Inauguration, and we have the President we’ve always had. He's militarily assertive, immigration passive, pro pseudo-free trade, fiscally reckless, and totally unaccountable for anything he said prior to last November eleventh. That's the President we've always had, at least as far back as I can remember.

How many times will the American voter fall for the same lame routine before they comprehend: This is a sham! It's a different President, different party, different Cabinet, and the same damn policies hidden behind a different face with a different  style we love or hate so much we perceive it as “real change” for better or worse. Real hope or deep despair, and in our ecstasy or despondency we fail to notice nothing has changed except our brain chemistry.

It always takes a few months for the transformation to occur. Like a frog placed in slowly warming water, you can boil him without the frog panicking. Voters react the same.  As long as the newly elected President slowly morphs from who he claimed to be into who the previous President was, all is well. The President’s primary responsibility is maintaining the  status quo unless something which benefits the real Kingmakers of the nation is required. Then, the leader of the free world becomes the  lead salesman with easy credit terms.

Currently, we're all worked up about our elections being hacked by the Russians.  However, our elections were hacked long ago by perpetrators much closer to home.  Take a look at the Constitution of the United States of America and find the words “Political Party”.  They are not mentioned.  The idea of a couple private, non-profit corporations determining who the People could select from as their President was never the intent of the Framers. Yet, somehow two private non-profit corporations have the American democratic process sewn up without a single foreign agent involved. No wonder we have a Perpetual President. The game is rigged.

Since 1901, we've had an extra-Constitutional election system for the highest office in the land and no one seems to mind as long as the Russians aren't involved. While the USSR sported one political party which by our American freedom loving sensibilities equaled totalitarianism, we effectively have two political parties which we believe to be the world standard for freedom. Had the Soviets had the foresight to split the Communist party in two, say Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, then American tourists would have spent the Cold War years vacationing in the Crimea, strolling the streets of St. Petersburg, standing in line to see Lenin’s decaying corpse, and the lyrics of the Beatles’, Back in the USSR would make a lot more sense.

An effective ruling duopoly was never intended by the Framers and it wasn't until the 1920’s when the die was cast. Alarmed by the growing popularity of the Socialist and Communist Parties, Republicans and Democrats colluded to restrict ballot access to “third parties” by requiring a certain percentage of registered voters sign a petition within a specific time period prior to ballot inclusion. Many of the requirements are so stringent as to provide an exhausting exercise, if not an impenetrable barrier, to each State ballot for all except Republican and Democratic candidates. It just screams,  "Freedom!" like William Wallace.  Doesn't it? 

Yes,  I'm rather disappointed, as well.  

Imagine for a moment what such a lock on power shared between two ruling factions who melee with each other in public, but share an agenda behind closed doors could accomplish. Dare we call it totalitarianism?

  • One party calls for war, the other opposes conflict just not enough to prevent the war until the opposition holds the reigns of power and the “kinder gentler” war continues unabated or quietly escalates.

  • One party pushes through national health care, the other opposes it just not enough to prevent its passing into law until the opposition holds the reigns of power when they mount repeal and replace with something so ill constructed and poorly packaged that the original law stands firm.

  • One party pushes through sweeping legislation which strips the people of long cherished liberties, the other mounts a vigorous defence just not vigorous enough to prevent passage. When the opposition holds the reigns of power they overwhelmingly vote to extend the liberty stripping legislation year after year, into decades. 

  • One party rams through annual authorizations to bomb anyone anywhere at any opportunity and the other party vehemently acquiesces in the name of bi-partisanship. 

  • The people torn into feuding factions are so emotionally and adolescently inflamed by rhetoric and bluster that they remain ignorant of the strings upon which they dance, demonstrate, brawl, and  bicker. Endlessly bicker over the forgone conclusions made many years before they believed there was a choice to be made.

Imagine for a moment what such power shared between two ruling parties could yield. Just for a moment…  into decades. It doesn't take much imagination, does it?

Now, look away, close your eyes, and pretend you never read these words.

Polices Remain Unchanged


You'll say yes to anything... 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Stuff We Aughta' Do - Part 1

Common sense Ideas for (and from) Exceptional Idiots...

  1. Switch to the Metric System

  1. Use retired Army medics and Navy corpsman (E-7 and up) as a first line of defense in health care.

  1. Stop giving credit to terrorist groups on the news.

  1. Calculate every government spending program at 140% of expected cost and count every new revenue stream at 60% of estimated return.

  1. Require that all laws be written to the “reasonable man” standard, so a reasonable man could readily understand the law.

  1. Stop replying to things Kim Jun Un says.

  1. Make business start ups easy as opening a preferred customer account.

  1. Teach entrepreneurship in elementary school and high school.

  1. Redefine the word “community” as a verb.

  1. Make the board of directors of pharmaceuticals take every new medication for a month prior to approval.

  1. Stop glorifying violence as a way to resolve conflicts.

  1. Let others make their own decisions.

  1. Teach children that respect is earned but courtesy is given.

  1. Have American car design, American innovation, and American Product, etc. competitions to inspire American ingenuity.

  1. Do campaign finance reform so only registered voters may contribute a maximum of $500.00 and all money not spent on the current campaign are used to fund campaign finance enforcement.

  1. Write a national law which will require transparency for all political parties. All internal documents, video, or other media would become public domain after two years.

  1. Slowly transform Social Security from a Ponzi scheme into a means tested investment program.

  1. Promote and facilitate the creation of tiny house communities in and around major urban areas.

  1. Offer a tax credit for residential, commercial, and industrial properties which  increase by 30% or more their thermal insulation up to the recommended amount.

  1. Outlaw lobbyists.

21.No, I mean really outlaw lobbyists.