Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Big Machine Politics

(or How You Became a Child Abuser)

The problems occur with  big plans, big stratagems, and big machines when they break down, you lose control, they run into something or someone you hadn't considered.

Big is the buggar because we can't maintain focus in perpetuity.  You'll eventually lose control of the big beast and the damage will be proportional to size. Even if you are fantastically lucky and manage to keep it from killing people, eventually all machines break down. Someone's going to have to pay the bill, and that someone isn't you. It's someone down the line of your descendents who never had a voice in the matter. Once built, bought, and broke, the costs of scrapping the damn un-lumbering hulk are commensurate to proportion.

No matter what you were told by experts or assured by accountants the price tag will be much, much more than anyone imagined. Far outside the bell curve of probability, high and to the right, you'll find some number in need of expression by scientific notation. That's your bill. Please  remit. Thank you.

The above is an infographic which illustrates the relative costs of some of our bigger government programs on an annual basis or a total estimated expenditure. Pretty huge numbers, huh?

Well, that ain't solid human waste. It's practically pocket change to us because we don't pay anywhere near enough for the stuff we get right now. We pay 60%, and the rest is on the heads of our precious children and their children's children. What a bargain! It's all for the children, the bill that is. It's like an intergenerational heroin addiction except we're the only generation to experience the euphoria. The rest withdrawal.

They can't vote anyway. Can they? Hell, most aren't even born, yet! But we're taxing the hell out of them without any representation. Taxation without representation, that's what America is 40% about... now.

But wait, there's more...Here's the real bowel blaster...

See that little box in the lower left corner, that is all those expenses of which we are only picking up a little more than half. The BIG box is the money our precious little ones will have to carry 100% on, plus interest of course.

Oh, and then there are all the deficits we accumulate in the future before we escape this world leaving our tiny tots to the carnage of the...

So, let's grab all the Free stuff from the government, while we can. Liberals and Socialists are so compassionate and concerned, aren't they?


Deficit Spending is 
preemptive child abuse!