Friday, May 18, 2018

On Fidelity...

With all the recent news about Stormy Daniels and the Monica Lewinsky scandal during the Clinton administration of years past, it begs the question,

 "Is martial infidelity a big deal for the President of the United States of America?"

Oddly, it only seems to matter to opposition parties. If there is a seated Democratic President, then Republicans become the voice of public morality. However, if the Republicans hold the White House, the Democrats take up the role of self-righteous pontificators. So, does it really matter to the American people or is monogamy just a tool of partisan politics?

Here is my take on the Presidential monogamy matter: If the woman who he took an oath before God to be loyal to cannot trust him, then how can we trust him in his Oath of Office?

It is just that simple.

It is just that fundamental.

It is just that critical.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Servants of our Conscience

As a Free People, we have the God given Right to speak our minds. God gives this Right to every human being, whether our words demonstrate our ignorance or enlightenment, our love or hatred, or our thoughtfulness or rash behavior makes no difference. We all have the Right to voice our opinions. All have a Right to be heard.

We have a responsibility to be Servants of our own Conscience and the duty to ignore the pack of ravening wolves who would  silence us with their howls of indignation and  offense.

Monday, April 16, 2018

I am National Security

In a Republic the People are the nation's security. There is no need for a massive, invasive security apparatus. The People protect a government which is for, by, and of the People. They are invested in it like their home. They feel that their voice is heard and their basic needs are met.

In other forms of government, which are almost all oligarchies (like ours), there will always be a gestapo, Stasi, Cheka, or NSA… I meant KGB. These State Security services provide security for the State against the People who live under its dictatorial regime and may also guard against foreign governments “misleading” their people with the “wrong” information. State media provides very little in the way of “news” and relies on emotionally moving topics or “feel-good” fluff pieces. This keeps the people distracted from the financial shenanigans and more serious criminal activities “their” government is perpetrating.

If you ever want to pickpocket a couple guys, find two over the top football fans with team rivalries. Lure them into battle over who’s the greatest team overall, or best defense, or best offense, or best celebrity endorsements, or even the best smelling stadium urinals, virtually any minutia that sets your targets at odds will do. Once they are in the heat of “battle”, rob them at will. In the highest pitch of their melee, you may be able to proudly state, “I’m just stealing your wallets”, without either taking notice. That’s human nature. The surveillance state understands human nature because they have been watching you all your life. Their survival depends upon knowing your every weakness, your every flaw, your strengths, and even what you whisper into your wife's ear when you make love. Those security states which fail at this basic job requisite end up like General Pinochet or Shaw Pahlavi... deposed.

Loyalty to the State takes precedence over God, family, and friends because the State is there to "protect" you all. The State has the ominous responsibility of loco parentis. You don’t know how lucky you are to live in a State such as this; so free, so just, so much better than anywhere else, because this State is yours, your father and mother’s, and their fathers and mother’s before them.

"God Bless the State you’re in, your home, sweet home!(Tears streaming down your cheeks)."

Much must be done to protect such “sacred” moments. Things that must remain secret for many years. The State is always working for you but you may never know its work. There are too many enemies that would use the State’s secrets against you. So, the State must keep you safely in the dark, for your own protection. Never consider in a Republic the People are the just powers enabling the State to rule. How can one rule in the dark for 40 or 50 years? How can criminals be held accountable for their crimes if the people in whose names these crimes were committed are blissfully unaware for a generation?

As the States criminality waxes, the need for ever more “National Security” redaction in public records increases until the information available to the voter looks like this…

All for your safety, of course.

Many years later, if the truth ever comes to light, you may find the redaction read something like…

The people are too easily manipulated by the “powers that be” when kept ignorant of the truth. Atrocities, even genocides have happened without the knowledge and at the expense of the people in whose names the government murdered.

The taking of the American West, was glossed over with dime store novels of Wild Bill Hitchcock, Wyatt Earp, and the great Indian fighter George Armstrong Custer. Had the truth been known, I would hope that Custer would have spent his last days in a military prison, atoning for his murderous rampages of mostly women and children.

Today, with the immediacy of satellite feeds and lightning fast internet connections we feel more in touch with what our government is doing than in the days of telegraph and pony express. We feel more on top of things. Breaking news is transmitted around the globe and we are only a 10 second delay away. We have a fairly good grip on what the issues are that matter. We know the hottest political hacks and candidates de jure. We know the inner workings of the White House, 10 Downing, and the Bundestag, if we care to know. We can run this republic, at least, I can. My vote is an educated assessment of the facts of record. I watched every debate. Our ego cries out, "It is everyone else who is ignorant!"

What if our data points were all bullshit? A grand performance from beginning to end? You were only window shopping on a magnificent mile of CGI dreams while below all that glittering gold was built on a foundation of rotting corpses?

What if there was no gold at all, just cheap spray paint masking lead bars and you must pay for the difference in value? What if you are just another Neo pre-Morpheus? Do you think that is air you are breathing?

What if all you’re well conceived and elegantly concluded opinions are only what you have been told to think? What if the information source you call home is designed to manufacture your consent for the crimes of the day rather than to inform? What if it didn’t matter who you voted for or even less who was elected, because the game is rigged before you cast a ballot?
  • The same wars declared. 
  • The same economic recession planned. 
  • The same housing bubble collapse scheduled. 
  • The same bottom falling out of the gold market on cue. 
I sound insane now, right?

What if I added “...because three central banks coordinated the sell off” to the last one? My sanity is suddenly restored, because now you recognize that type of coordinated effort as a very normal event in macroeconomics. However, the others are not the result of coordinated efforts on the part of conspiring parties?

As for the wars, may I say, “WMDs in Iraq”? Do you remember how deep the pile of falsified evidence was? Do you remember the extraordinary detail in Colin Powell's FALSE testimony?

The result of coordinated efforts on the part of conspiring parties!

Does anyone have a clue why we are still in Afghanistan seventeen years after 9/11 and seven years after we eviscerated Osama Bin Laden? Afghanistan sits like the great board game that you loved two Christmases ago, but now have moved on to some grander amusing thing. While it seems a thing of the past or static to us, it still festers creating more dead, greater misery, and ever higher expenses to you and your future generations.

The result of coordinated efforts on the part of conspiring parties!

Not feeling so secure now, are you?

Well, you better be because You Are National Security or a Nation of the Insecure as can be.

Choose your destiny: Freedom or Slavery?