Wednesday, September 8, 2010

American Moment or Airhead Moment?

SOSClinton"We are advancing America's interests and making progress on some of our most pressing challenges,"  Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in her September 8th speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.

She failed to site any specifics to bolster her proclamation, which was a wise decision by her speechwriters, namely because there is nothing tangible to substantiate the claim.  

The Secretary added, "Today we can say with confidence that this model of American leadership works, and that it offers our best hope in a dangerous world."

 Just another nebulous edict supported by air. What “model of American leadership” is the Secretary speaking about? Democracy? An overbearing executive branch? Obama’s brain trust? A black man in the White House? What?

While the Secretary of State boldly proclaims, “We will seize this new moment of opportunity this new American Moment.”

I think Madam Secretary should take a moment and do a reality check…
  1. The haphazard and half-hearted “withdrawal” from Iraq has left many questioning the President’s judgment. Although claiming that combat operations for the US are over, there remains 50,000 (evidently “non-combat”) troops in Iraq.
  2. The aimless war in Afghanistan drags on with no foreseeable end or even concrete objectives in sight.
  3. While the American people demonstrated their willingness to go to war over fictitious weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the administration has overtly failed when it comes to real weapons of mass destruction right next door in Iran.
  4. The administration foreign policy has had no discernable impact on the really scary North Korean program to develop nuclear weapons.
  5. The endless stand-off in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains deadlocked.
In true Obama Administration style, she speaks a substantial amount with no substance of which to speak.