Friday, December 24, 2010

That Bah Humbug Spirit?


This holiday season seems a little different, doesn’t it? A little less jubilant, perhaps? Maybe a bit more stoic than it has been in previous years. Many of us have had to scale back on the festivities, cut short our travel, and especially reign in the spending when compared to holidays of just a few years ago. For the most part, even among those considered to be “poor”, Americans are not very good at not doing at least fairly well. We have come to expect it as a birthright, our due prosperity to be very merry at this time of the year.  While there is much that we have lost over the last few years, this is no time for self pity or despondence that leads to resignation. We have been beat down, but we are far from beat.

We have a purpose to remember who we are and those who gave liberty, security, comfort, and life to hand us the prosperity of yesterday. Most important among them was a man who did not have in this life the luxury to fix His mistakes because He lived and died for the mistakes of others. He gave His life so that each of us could live, and live with passion and purpose. Put aside your financial concerns for the moment. Accept that you may never again earn what you once did. However you can make a point to make His Life, His Agony, His Fear, His Sacrifice worth it …earn this.  The dividends are certain, the growth potential limitless, and no one can take this investment from you as the only legal tender acceptable for this account was paid in His blood… earn it.