Thursday, July 16, 2015

We are Not this Stupid

Using recreational drugs can kill you.

Maintaining a diet high in cholesterol can kill you.

Getting involved with gangs can kill you.

Using electrical items in the bath can kill you.

Running your car in a garage can kill you.

Ignoring inclement weather can kill you.

Texting while driving can kill you.

Leaving the toilet seat up for the wife can ... 

Well, OK, that may be stretching the truth a fractionation, but I expect that none of these potential killers come as remarkable revelations to you. 

Now, we could engage in an intelligent discussion about these hazards, however at some point in the near future we will have exhausted all there is to say. We understand the concepts and further illustration, elucidation, or contemplation of the inherent dangers they pose are fairly remedial. 

So, let's not waste time on posting the obvious dangers to your life, let's address the dangers that the gross stupidity of believing and therefore participating in a corrupt political system pose.

We're well on our way to having eight years of the man who promised, "Change we could believe in" and "Hope", remember that? 

How's your faith now? Do you even recall what it was you were hoping for? 

You got the change, so you can't complain about that. What changed was the occupant of the best maintained public housing unit,  the White House. Other than that, the policies of Bush II went on unabated. Bailouts, wars on stuff that scares us, military adventures in places we don't understand (Obama took this one to new heights) , and drone wars where we can deal out death with the bravery of being out of range. 

I don't mean to be a cynic, I just am one... due to many years of rigorous training in the political arena. I watched promising, idealistic candidates turn to sycophantic political hacks after a few sizable campaign contributors slipped an envelope into their hand while whispering into their ear. 

How do you think corporations became persons with the right to make unlimited contributions to their favored candidate?  That was a Supreme Court decision, and the lifetime appointed Justices are supposedly the least influenced by politics! 

You could just as easily ask yourself,  "How did Julius Gaius Caesar get elected dictator for life by the Roman Senate? "

It seems the only viable answer is, We are dumb. Selectively, generally,  communally, individually, randomly,  categorically, eternally, and terminally dumb. Zappa had it right...

Still I wonder, aren't we the same species that decided making fire and spear was preferable to being nutrition for others? Didn't we invent writing, pharmacopia, the wheel, philosophy, the calculus, and strip clubs (I'm only counting the ones that serve booze as genuine here)? 

There are times when I am unapologetically and completely fucking dazzled by the brilliance of our  species. But then the flicker of light fades away and we sit there season after horrific season and watch the Kardashians! 

I want to methodically go from home to home and commandeer every human cerebellum and give it to a phylum that would really appreciate higher consciousness, like mollusks or maybe nudibranch. They would love that shit... Holy shit, look at all these tentacles! I'd make Mozart sound like a novice on a fucking Playschool xylophone.

But instead, humans deliberate and conclude, "I'll think I'll vote for Obama because he has "Hope", and then I'll watch the fricken' Kardashians until I projectile vomit blood and feces!"

That is why I'm a realist, you may call it cynical, but may I remind you about the Obama Hope thing? How about the Clinton mandate for change?

George Bush, the Elder didn't bother offering anything. He just wanted to sit in the Big Boy chair while serving the same horse droppings to the American public with a parsley garnish. It helps keep your breath fresh after gorging yourself on political bandwagon full of road apples.

Then Reagan, remember that senile old man who lost a vital organ every time we had a national crisis? Seriously, the news cap would say,

Trouble with Russian nukes, and President Reagan has gall bladder surgery.
Kadaffi threatens Mediterranean sea lanes and  President at Bethesda for colon resection.

While Ronnie didn't have all his innards,  he did have this..


Can you fucking believe it???
Hope and Change!

That's why I say,

"Don't vote, you're consenting to an illusion of choice; Coke or Pepsi, McDonald's or Burger King, Budweiser or Coors, Bank America or Chase, Safeway or QFC, Republicrat or Demopublican. Take your pick and don't spare the parsley."