Sunday, July 24, 2016

Don't Do a Duopoly

Pay no attention to those two guys behind the curtain.

Keep in mind that the two choice system comes right out of the corporate world. Coke or Pepsi, McDonald's or Burger King, and when you say, "I don't want a cola and burger", you're assumed to be unstable and potentially a threat.

We've tried every combination, Republican President/ Democratic House, Republican Senate/ Democratic House, Democratic President/ Republican Legislature, and every other permutamtion and still it's been a straight line from prosperity and peace to what we have today, which is neither.

We've heard the same tired rhetoric about campaign finance reform since I was a twelve year-old thumbing my way through the Chicago Sun-Times before school. Has anything really happened to return the power to the People?

Look, there is a solution, and it is simple enough for me to write in three sentences...

  1. Contributions from individual donors only
  2. A maximum of $500.00 per individual.
  3. All monies not spent on the current election campaign are turned over to Campaign Finance Enforcement for their funding.

Problem solved!

But this will never happen. We know the truth when we hear it, don't we?

Now, ask yourself, "Why won't it happen?"

 Is it not in the best interest of the People?

Think about it, those three sentences would return the power to the People because each person is only worth $500 of influence. The majority of people (the so called "99%") are a hell of a lot larger than the 1% which currently exercises much more influence on policy makers than the Welder from Ohio, the single mom from Albuquerque, or the Dentist from Seattle. One billionaire can quite nearly dictate his agenda to our Representatives, who in turn parrot it to us and the media, who in turn sing the tune we have come to know by heart.

It's a fictional little ditty, all (or most) of it lies. Some believe that the Coke part is true others are set like thousand year old concrete on Pepsi being legit. Meanwhile, whilst we shred each other to pieces over the cola we never wanted in the first place, guess who's vote is really being counted?

We know the truth when we hear (or read) it...

Don't we?