Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Employment of Gainful Misdirection

Misdirection of focus as a means of using human nature 
to exploit human beings.

They keep you focused here…
When you should be scrutinizing here…

They keep you running after this…
When you should be seeking this…

They keep you worried about this…
When you should be concerned with this…

The captivate you with this…
When your focus should be this…

They dominate your world…
When this is your world…

You must lose your confusion over their illusions 
to restore your American Dream because 
things are not what they seem.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Purpose in Patriotism

I understand, times are tough and patriotic displays are one place we can afford to cut spending. A few dollars for fireworks on the Fourth and a "Support Our Troops" bumper sticker for under three bucks. That's about all we've got, just like everyone else. Oh, and we sing the National Anthem before baseball games. We all do that too. Things have cooled over the past couple decades, and we don't want to look like Nationalists. They are all murdering racists.

Being a patriot got a bad rap in the 1980's when love of America took a back seat to the white supremacist, gun-toting lunatic in the woods of wherever who was certain the Guberment (not a typo) was gonna kill us in them FEMA camps the UN was setting up. Oddly enough, this redefinition of patriotism took place at the same time being a "Global citizen" came into fashion. Weird, huh? I'm not saying it was a conspiracy. It's just one of those perfectly timed, well-planned coincides that happen rather frequently. Sort of like those chemical weapon attacks made by some deranged leader on his own people (and who has decided to stop using Federal Reserve Notes) right before the U.S. takes a pining to invading the "madman's" country like Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Remember Chemical Ali? It kinda' makes you wonder, "Who would be crazy enough to stock these lunatics with chemical weapons?" It's damn peculiar.

Nevertheless, patriotism is a good thing because it reminds us that even when we disagree, we're all still on the same side. That's important. Otherwise, we might turn into disparate, feuding factions. We'd be susceptible to manipulation. United we stand, right?

If we didn't hang together, the next thing we'd know we'd be jumping from one endless war to another and swindled by corrupt politicians who were in bed with sleazy business tycoons. The perpetrators of giant financial scams would remain nameless. Political parties would be defrauding the voters, political candidates would walk away from felonies free as can be in a country where the people don't give a s#!t about their future because they don't see one. It's all been so mismanaged for so long it's hopeless. No matter who you vote for, it's just more of the same disastrous policies that got us to this place of despair.

Just take a Valium, smoke an Oxycontin, shoot some heroin, pull the covers over your head, and hope it all goes away. Worst case scenario, you can just shoot yourself and call it an endless night, right?

Mostly Truth

They will call this fake news, and part of it is. Hillary wouldn't publish the truth. Therefore, there is no book. The rest is truth. Do your own research. You'll figure it out if you want to, but odds are that you would rather remain blissfully unaware of this nation's situation. Most of us are the people Morpheus is describing here...

You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependant on the system, that they will fight to protect it. -Morpheus

Saturday, October 7, 2017

A Moment of Clarity

We spend hours everyday voicing our opinions, mostly to ourselves on Facebook, as if it makes a difference. We watch the fake news, we read the biased papers, and listen to the radio hosts who reinforce our points of view. That's how we stay informed. 

But if the chatter just stopped, if we put aside the heat of the moment, and thought in silence for a few memes about what's happened over the last couple of decades, we'd be hard pressed to conclude anything other than this...

We've lost our country and our voice in the world. We've been robbed of our future by scheming politicians (all of them) and crafty financiers (the usual suspects). In retaliation or by persuasion, we're robbing our children's children's children of their future by means of accounting ledgers because we've developed a sense of entitlement which is as boundless as the greed our "leaders" and their banker backers have repeatedly demonstrated by their bad examples. 

We're following the leaders.

Just following the leaders.





Monday, October 2, 2017

It's the Matrix

So, here it is America, our system is a sham...

The DNC uses "We don't owe anyone a fair primary election" as a defence against a class action lawsuit. 

[Wait! Go back and click that link]

This revelation may also explain why we've been fed so much red herring (e.g.- Russiagate, Little Rocket Man, and NFL Protests  by the media lately.

Why isn't the mainstream media shouting this from the hilltops? This is the biggest political scandal in American history! Our Republic has fallen. We've all been told, "Every vote matters", but that just ain't so. What good is voting when someone else chooses the candidates you may vote for. Hitler or Stalin, take your pick because it's a free country.

Hey kids, try this on for size...

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the oligarchy for which it stands..."

Definition of oligarchy

plural oligarchies

1:government by the few 
  • The corporation is ruled by oligarchy.

2:a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes 
  • a military oligarchy was established in the country
also :a group exercising such control 
  • An oligarchy ruled the nation.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Grinding Our Own Ax

It often seems that our elected representatives are unresponsive to the needs of the average American. If you’re a millionaire or part of a large special (self)interest group, you matter. Otherwise, you're one vote for the lesser of two evils you never wanted in the first place doesn’t motivate you to the polls. Your indolence is repaid in kind, people say. You can’t complain if you don’t vote, often follows.

By this standard, nearly half of all eligible voters have been unqualified to complain for more than a century. Therefore things are actually twice as bad as we hear, so thank God for standards.

Many have opted out of politics altogether, especially those who suffer from a conscience, extended recall, or the ethically afflicted who are forever damned to have ethics. Roger Waters might say, “They have become comfortably numb”.  While militant animal rights activists claim meat is murder, this equivalent puts politics on par with an incestuous anal rape murder suicide pact, if it's allowable to mention such a thing in polite company.

But wait, rape is involuntary. How could it be a pact? The same could be said of our politics! We’re choosing to get raped and murdered. We’re grinding our own ax.

The rest of us just keep playing along as if Republican and Democratic legislation produces different results. The only differences occur in the  rhetoric which precedes the vote. Words like “pro-business” get replaced with “income equality”, “border protection” replaced with “environmental protection”, and “freedom” with “tolerance”, all  semantics designed to motivate specific demographics up the same slaughterhouse ramp. Meat is murder when it's butchered from other human beings, but it's a renewable resource and green. Soylent Green. We’ve become comfortable cannibals.

One path designed to appeal to class envy the other to foster personal greed, both result in the evisceration of another sister or brother. The politicians just hand out the freshly sharpened axes and wait for the meal to come. A wolf lies in wait, while their more carnivorous primate cousin lies and waits for the meal to come.

There is unrest in the forest. There is trouble with the trees
for the maples want more sunlight and the oaks ignore their pleas.

Trouble in the maples and they are quite convinced they're right.
They say the oaks are just too lofty and they grab up all the light.
But the oaks can't help their feelings if they like the way they're made,
and they wonder why the maples can't be happy in their shade.

There is trouble in the forest and the creatures all have fled
As the maples scream 'oppression!' And the oaks, just shake their heads
So the maples formed a union and demanded equal rights  
'The oaks are just too greedy, we will make them give us light!’
Now there's no more oak oppression for they passed a noble law
and the trees are all kept equal by hatchet, ax, and saw.

Clear Cutting.png

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Strange Drug

Dedicated to the victims of Mandalay Bay

We're captivated and intoxicated. We're all hooked and we can't admit it. We live for the adrenaline rush that comes from violence. It's the status symbol and status report of our culture. Murder is on our streets, and pumps through our veins. It is what we eat. It fills our head and kills our heart. Until it blows our aorta apart. 

From the dime store novels of wild west outlaws to brawls on the playground, from Saturday morning cartoons to Dirty Harry, from CSI to SVU, and from UFC to CNN, all fortified with violence. We live for the stuff, can't get enough murder and mayhem, uppercuts, and head shots, demolition derbies, and laser guided bombs. We'll spend all night getting piss drunk until we're begging for a fight. Do you feel lucky, punk? With tickets, taxes, and our time we'll pay for it all because violence is a value. The quickest high is watching another man die. Adrenaline addiction's gateway is the human eye  

Professional football, pay-per-view title fights, and serial murderer’s stories in print or extra feature Blu-ray. Yes, we'll pay for them all.

Then we wonder why road rage, rape, and drive-bys show up in our neighborhoods. A few blocks away, for Christ's sake! We question the morality, sanity, and upbringing of others. We lament the decay of family values and basic respect for human life.

We constantly shake our heads and ask what's wrong with the world while watching a thrilling take-down on Cops. Show me your hands, mother fucker! The kids are playing Call of Duty and listen to Biggie Smalls way too loud in the media room... 

... the wife is in the kitchen finishing up the dishes and muttering, “Oh, my God” under her breath, over the horrors of the day delivered into your home on MSNBC and every other network, channel, station, headline, everything you see. It's enough to drive you crazy and blow a bullet hole in our society. He stab a man for not saying please. Then, stood there and watched him bleed out with no empathy. Thanks for the lesson in civility. It's not real, Just the adrenaline rush through the glowing screen. So, give me another and another and another victim... I said, please. 

Once in a while, you remember your fraying humanity and ask, "What's wrong with the world? Why are we going to shit?" 
You voted for the law and order candidate. You just don't get it. You've done your part. 

It's poetic and prophetic that the number one killer of men is failure of the heart? 

It suits us right.

Hey, Seal Team Six… is that on tonight? With the plane exploding, screams, then a huge fire fight... then a grenade hits him right between the eyes. I love that part.... electrocuted... the shark tore half his leg off... and the cluster bombs...fucking awesome! (Fades into silence)

Yes, we will pay for it all.
In nightly single woman attacks, gangland style drive-bys, and our children's lives... 

We are paying for it all... 
To hell we go. 
We reap as we sow.
We reap.
We reap.
We reap.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Our Perpetual President

Insert Preferred Face Here

Here we are just eight months from the Inauguration, and we have the President we’ve always had. He's militarily assertive, immigration passive, pro pseudo-free trade, fiscally reckless, and totally unaccountable for anything he said prior to last November seventh. That's the President we've always had, at least as far back as I can remember.

How many times will the American voter fall for the same lame routine before they comprehend: This is a sham! It's a different President, different party, different Cabinet, and the same damn policies hidden behind a different face with a different style we love or hate so much we perceive it as “real change” for better or worse?  Real hope or deep despair, and in our ecstasy or despondency we fail to notice nothing has changed except our brain chemistry.

It always takes a few months for the transformation to occur. Like a frog placed in slowly warming water, you can boil him without the frog panicking. Voters react the same.  As long as the newly elected President slowly morphs from who he claimed to be into who the previous President was, all is well. The President’s primary responsibility is maintaining the status quo unless something which benefits the real Kingmakers of the nation is required. Then, the leader of the free world becomes the lead salesman with easy credit terms.

Currently, we're all worked up about our elections being hacked by the Russians.  However, our elections were hacked long ago by perpetrators much closer to home.  Take a look at the Constitution of the United States of America and find the words “Political Party”.  The Framers never intended for two private, non-profit corporations to hold a duopoly on America’s republic. Yet, this is exactly what we have today. No wonder we have a Perpetual President. The game is rigged.

Since 1901, we've had an extra-Constitutional election system for the highest office in the land and no one seems to mind as long as the Russians aren't involved. The defunct USSR had one political party throughout its existence. We, in the free world deemed such a system “totalitarian”, which indeed it was. Today, in the United States we effectively have two political parties which we hold up as the world standard of freedom. Had the Soviets had the foresight to split the Communist party in two, say Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, then American tourists would have spent the Cold War years vacationing in the Crimea, strolling the streets of St. Petersburg, standing in line to see Lenin’s decaying corpse, and the lyrics of the Beatles’, Back in the USSR would make a lot more sense.

The de facto ruling duopoly die wasn't fully cast until the 1920’s . Alarmed by the growing popularity of the Socialist and Communist Parties, Republicans and Democrats colluded to restrict ballot access to “third parties” by requiring a certain percentage of registered voters sign a petition within a specific time period prior to ballot inclusion. Many of the requirements are so stringent as to provide an exhausting exercise, if not an impenetrable barrier, to each State ballot for all except Republican and Democratic candidates. It just screams, “Freedom!" like William Wallace.  Doesn't it? 

Yes, I’m rather disappointed, as well.  

Imagine for a moment what such a lock on power shared between two ruling factions who melee with each other in public, but share an agenda behind closed doors could accomplish. Dare we call it totalitarianism?

  •        One party calls for war, the other opposes conflict just not enough to prevent the war until the opposition holds the reigns of power and the “kinder gentler” war continues unabated or quietly escalates.

  •          One party pushes through national health care, the other opposes it just not enough to prevent its passing into law until the opposition holds the reigns of power when they mount repeal and replace with something so ill constructed and poorly packaged that the original law stands firm,

  •         One party pushes through sweeping legislation which strips the people of long cherished liberties, the other mounts a vigorous defense just not vigorous enough to prevent passage. When the opposition holds the reigns of power they overwhelmingly vote to extend the liberty stripping legislation year after year, into decades. 

  •      One party rams through annual authorization to bomb anyone anywhere at any opportunity and the opposition party vehemently acquiesces in the name of bi-partisanship.

The people torn into feuding factions are emotionally inflamed like adolescents by rhetoric and bluster.  They remain ignorant of the strings upon which they dance, demonstrate, brawl, and bicker. The people endlessly bicker over some forgone conclusions made many years before they were aware there was a choice to be made.

Imagine for a moment what such power shared between two ruling parties could yield. Just for a moment… into decades. It doesn't take much imagination, does it?

Now, look away, close your eyes, and pretend you never read these words.

Polices Remain Unchanged


You'll say yes to anything... 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Stuff We Aughta' Do - Part 1

Common sense Ideas for (and from) Exceptional Idiots...

  1. Switch to the Metric System

  1. Use retired Army medics and Navy corpsman (E-7 and up) as a first line of defense in health care.

  1. Stop giving credit to terrorist groups on the news.

  1. Calculate every government spending program at 140% of expected cost and count every new revenue stream at 60% of estimated return.

  1. Require that all laws be written to the “reasonable man” standard, so a reasonable man could readily understand the law.

  1. Stop replying to things Kim Jun Un says.

  1. Make business start ups easy as opening a preferred customer account.

  1. Teach entrepreneurship in elementary school and high school.

  1. Redefine the word “community” as a verb.

  1. Make the board of directors of pharmaceuticals take every new medication for a month prior to approval.

  1. Stop glorifying violence as a way to resolve conflicts.

  1. Let others make their own decisions.

  1. Teach children that respect is earned but courtesy is given.

  1. Have American car design, American innovation, and American Product, etc. competitions to inspire American ingenuity.

  1. Do campaign finance reform so only registered voters may contribute a maximum of $500.00 and all money not spent on the current campaign are used to fund campaign finance enforcement.

  1. Write a national law which will require transparency for all political parties. All internal documents, video, or other media would become public domain after two years.

  1. Slowly transform Social Security from a Ponzi scheme into a means tested investment program.

  1. Promote and facilitate the creation of tiny house communities in and around major urban areas.

  1. Offer a tax credit for residential, commercial, and industrial properties which  increase by 30% or more their thermal insulation up to the recommended amount.

  1. Outlaw lobbyists.

21.No, I mean really outlaw lobbyists.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Red, White, and Blue Light Special

What does it mean to “support our troops”?

  • Does it mean that we accept every war without question? I would hope not, because that bumper sticker would read, “slaughter our troops", or “screw our troops”, or maybe just “use our troops”.  

  • Does it mean that when they come home from whatever conflict they sacrificed through service to our nation, that they will be cared for by the nation who put them in harm's way? One would hope so, but a cursory review of American history doesn't support this expectation. We do not always support our troops when they come marching home. Sometimes we treat them rather poorly.

  • Does it mean that we will exhaust every other conceivable option before we put their lives at risk? No, our leaders often incite us to dance to the rhythm of their war drums based on lies and contorted half truths, but we dance all the same. 

  • Does supporting our troops mean that in those very few exceptional cases when armed conflict is absolutely necessary that we will ensure that they have the best training, equipment, and standard of living to complete their mission? Here we do support our troops fairly well, but we could always do better especially when it comes to financially compensating them for their commitment. Shouldn't an E-1 make as much as the person who types up the lunch menu at General Dynamics or drives the on-campus bus at Raytheon? Shouldn't they?

  • Does it mean that when we do send them into combat we will provide them with clearly defined and realistic victory conditions to attain which will result in most, if not all, of them returning to their loved ones back home? I believe this is one of the most important ways we can demonstrate support for our troops and I believe this is where support for our troops is abysmal. When conflicts drag on for years and then into decades, we are doing a piss poor (pardon my military vernacular) job of supporting our troops. We might as well have them standing in a parking lot at parade rest as we walk past the dress right dressed soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines and crack each one between their eyes with a ball peen hammer. Not hard enough to kill or cripple them, but just hard enough to make them really hurt, and eventually resent us for the way we “support” them. Well, if we draw blood, I suppose  there are always plenty of bumper stickers floating around to bind their wounds, their minds, their families, and their broken lives.

  • Or does it mean we were willing to spend $2.75 once on the cheapest form of patriotic fervor money can buy?

Supporting Endless War is not Supporting our Troops, 
it's Abandoning Them.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse 2017

Not so long ago, we lived in rural, pastoral villages dotting the fertile lands between great city-states. Once in awhile, we were caught between their feuding kings and the wars they waged over land, resources, and matters of wounded pride. Their armies would steal our crops and burn our villages as payment for the starvation they brought. We lived in the light which fed our crops which fed our children. We lived in the light which fed the trees which built our homes and warmed our hearths. We lived in the light with our families, three generations to a home. We lived in the light which allowed us to see wolves and serpents before they could strike. We lived in the light and we feared the darkness. When the Sun disappeared behind the moon, we trembled with fear for we lived in the light.

Today, we live within nation-states packed into cities one atop another. We live among strangers. We leave our children and elders in their care. We fight battles with one another for land, jobs, water, and all else we need to live. The wars we wage with one another are endless conflicts for subjective fairness, justice, and equality. The wars we fight with other nation-states provide background noise to our more immediate struggles. The predators are us, our neighbors, our institutions, and those who kill for the blessings of a capricious God in the hope of attaining paradise. We live in darkness now. When the Sun disappears behind the moon, we trembled with excitement, and we rush to stand in awe of the fading light because we live in darkness now and we curse the light. We live in darkness now and we curse the light.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Why Stimulus Didn't Work and Never Will Again

The theory behind Stimulus spending is simple: Dump money into the economy and we all get richer, spend more money, and the ball keeps rolling… hopefully. The people, who are the economy, feel better about their prospects and start spending more money which increases money velocity and promotes a healthy economy. TA-DA! Successful Stimulus spending achieved. 

That's the very basic theory of stimulus spending, in theory. Money velocity is the speed at which money flows between people (the economy). If a dollar moves quickly, it can seem like to there is more money than there really is in the economy. Some economists say this is good, others call it illusory. I say if everyone is paying their bills on time and have enough left over to live rather than just survive, it doesn't matter how fast the money is ricocheting around the economy (from and to people).

Picture a pinball flying back and forth between two 100-point bumpers, that's like money velocity during stimulus spending season. We're all racking up points! 

Until the ball drops between the flippers. Zero points for that.

In modern America, our economy is like a pinball deck where there are fewer and fewer bumpers and a lot more flippers with spaces in between. When we fire off extra balls (Stimulus) they hit a few bumpers then roll between the flippers and off to China. Zero points for that and that is why Stimulus spending didn't work and will never work again.

Class dismissed. 

For the honors students...

Q: So, why did both Republicans and Democrats push for a stimulus package?

A: It gave them a lot (over a trillion dollars) of your children's money to give to their backers. Quid pro quo!





Sunday, May 28, 2017

Turning the Tide

or "How to Turn a Profitable Health Care Crisis into Family Theme Park Fun"

For over forty years, We the People have been hard sold many innovative ideas, progressive solutions, economist's pipe dreams, recollections of historical revisionists, statistician's comparative studies, folk wisdom simple solutions, and revolutionary panaceas to make health care affordable and accessible for all Americans. Some of these visions attempted to treat the symptoms, while others targeted a cure for rapidly rising, across the board health care costs​. The results have been an attempt​ at holding back a rising tide, our human efforts amount to vanity. Useless, all useless.

Of our own accord or a lack of options, We the People have turned to our most dangerous servant, government, to formulate the chill pills for our red hot medical bill ills. Government has provided a four decade long political theater of very expensive rhetoric with low budget performance. To date​ government has performed on par with the aforementioned aspiring remedy providers. It's been a situational comedy with an all too common plot: "Talk much, Do nothing." We didn't elect consultants, we elected leaders, supposedly. So, I'm not laughing anymore. Neither should you.

For over forty years, we have witnessed Congress after Congress pass law after law, initiate or abrogate some program or regulation, and revised or rescinded all manners of administrative authorities in the hope of reigning in runaway medical costs. Republican solutions, Democratic solutions, Populist solutions, Left wing, Right wing, every kind of thing solutions, all their efforts have proven futile… every single one.

The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (AKA - Obamacare) was the government's latest, and most sweeping permutation of a one size fits all, command and control health care system for the masses. You just have to vote for it and hope it passes before you can see what’s in the Bill. Oh, look, it’s a bill of the burgeoning, budget busting variety. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.

So much for “free” health care.

After so many years and so many leaders with so many ideologies, philosophies, and let’s not forget, so many "Grandma had to sell her house for the surgery” atrocities, I must question the veracity of those honorable ladies and gentlemen of the late payment State from which they hail (not a typo). I question their sincerity and posit those who bear the responsibility to make life and death choices for the People, are either misdiagnosing the problem in ineptitude or performing malpractice by intent. In spite of all their assurances and claims of concern for the health of average Americans, regardless of all their long speeches detailing the deleterious effect of health care costs on the financial well-being of Mr. and Mrs. Main Street America, I have my doubts about their sincerity. So, should you.

I have to raise an eyebrow at both the sources and the tsunami of campaign contributions slamming and damning our alleged Constitutional Republic which may sway those who fill the seats under our capitol dome to represent the interests of those back home. With millions upon millions of dollars being laundered clean to anonymize their origin through Super PACs, foreign donors, and dark/ shadow back trails, these "Oh, so concerned" policymakers are looking sleazier than the most notable organized crime bosses of the 1970’s. At least, the Mafia had a Code by which they lived and were executed gangland style. Sure, it was brutal, childishly club-like and violently club-like, but it was a Code, a genuine loyalty to the Boss. Unless you could do better on your own. Say an offer you couldn’t refuse. It was a loyalty set in stone until they made your shoes from concrete, but even then you knew you weren’t coming back. You were headed for a bullet induced heart attack over a generous helping of ziti and Italian sausage. A kind of prelude to your next incarnation, post mortem.

This one contains only pork. I hope.

Politicians have no such ethos. They are ethically free and unencumbered by the drudgery of accountability. Their sole responsibility for their terms majority is maintaining and improving their re-electability. Unfortunately, re-electability has damn little to do with the People in the Land of the Fee, health care affordability, or anything else that happens on Main Street. Politicians tend to be more money grubbing, clannish, and self-interested than those old Mafia goons that they put out of business to take up the room in the finest hotels, restaurants, and bars making shady deals and rubbing elbows with the rich and nameless, near, and far. The gangsters loved their mothers and kissed them for luck. The politicians would sell their own mothers for a couple thousand dollars and not…

rely on luck.

Therefore, knowing the nature of the political beast, my eyebrow remains elevated.

Your eyebrow should not remain seated, either.

These very same "I feel your pain" legislators who set National Health Care Policy (which is just a colloquial way of saying “printing checks”) in Washington DC are helplessly addicted to and heavily under the influence of big dollar donor dope. There are relationships between campaign contributions and votes cast in both chambers of Congress. It is as our Fathers would say, “self-evident”. There are also relationships between those who donate and those who vote. These highly valued and equally suspects​ relationships between regulators and the regulated, the big donors and the constituent owners of representation in the Condo of the Free. I see this “to the highest bidder goes my vote” as sapping or undercutting the Principles we claim to honor in our American legends and lore, our history, and our heroes not to mention a few old documents called The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States of America, and The Bill of Rights. This is our biggest national security threat, today. What good is winning a War on Terror, if in the struggle we have already returned to the Reign of Terror.

Health insurance is covered under insurance, not health.

According to the nonpartisan research group The Center for Responsive Politics, the biggest contributors to political campaigns are from the “Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate” sectors, which makes perfect sense when you consider these are by far the biggest beneficiaries of our peculiar national policies. Many within this sector have benefited in ways which in any educated and civilized nation would result in large mobs of citizens storming the capitol to drag their respective representatives into the city streets and unceremoniously shooting them in the back of their heads. Mercifully and regrettably, we don't live in such a nation.

A Farewell to Kings... and lesser tyrants.

I don't advocate such mob action, but I wouldn't necessarily object too strenuously either, as the Right of Revolution is the true final check on government corruption. However, I would prefer we allow the Angels of our Better Nature prevail. Rather than choosing destruction, let us build a wonderful theme park. A modern Great Wonder of epic proportion where we can bring our entire family and teach our children American​ values. Values like Freedom of Choice, Self-Sufficiency, An Honest Day's Labor, and lest we forget, Accountability. Yes, accountability for one's actions and inactions. "This is what we do with those who try to reduce a free people into unwitting mercenaries for merchants”, we would instruct the kids as we pass the cozy accommodations for the current convicts whom we formerly entrusted to do what is in the People's best interest, not their own.

Such an awesome tourist attraction and patriotic venue would surely draw an international crowd. The idea might spread, imagine this! A rollback to Republic v1.0, without slavery and sporting universal suffrage from the git-go. That would make me so proud to be an American again.

Another Revolutionary American Innovation!

(Long sigh...)

But... in lieu of this beautiful national treasure, and potential World Heritage Site, we have the politicians blaming pharmaceuticals, defrauders of the system, insurance companies, those nasty HMO's 
which the politicians created(LOL!), and finger pointing at each other. The pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, and health care providers in turn blame the politicians, the inefficiencies of bureaucracy, and the demographics of an aging population linked with the costs of high-tech treatments.

It's all very complex, very confusing, and it's all been so heartbreaking for so long that we've grown numb from the horror... the horror. Grandma having to sell her house to afford the surgery doesn’t seem so bad anymore. It’s the norm, and that’s pitiful because somewhere in this carnival of hope, fear, worry, and loss we've forgotten the simple, effective tool of Supply and Demand. Do you remember this key economic principle from high school?

Supply and Demand

the amount of a commodity, product, or service available and the desire of buyers for it, considered as major factors regulating its price.

"By the law of supply and demand the cost of health care will plummet."

Yes, it is that simple.

What brings costs down is competition, regardless of whether we’re talking about widgets, vacuum cleaners, cell phone providers, oil change franchises, cheese burgers, blog writers, heart bypasses, medicines, scalpels, beagle puppies, or Beanie Babies, prices are primarily determined by Supply and Demand. 

Author's Note: Please, keep this in mind as you read the rest of this post and EVERY SINGLE TIME you hear about the high price of health care in the future.

Those who push for the “Single Payer” system, which is to socialized medicine what ”Climate Change” is to global warming, are advocating the free market system of Supply and Demand. They won't admit to it, but what they are doing is limiting demand by grouping everyone into one giant consumer. Then, removing choices they consider overly burdensome on public monies and adding mandates they consider essential for the benefit of their own personal agendas, which most likely has nothing in common with your own. That's a backwards solution, although they won't admit that either. Instead, they will employ one well known American value called "the Fifth."

While we could all use at least a fifth, what we need are more providers. Lots more. I want to see as many health care providers, insurers, and equipment manufacturers as there are porn sites on the web, coffee kiosk in Seattle, and hair weave shops in ethnic neighborhoods. I want to see doctors chasing patients like telemarketers hawking magazine subscriptions and Girl Scouts hustling cookies, because it's the Supply side of the Supply and Demand equation that has been over-specialized, rationed, and regulated into rarity.

Doctors are disappearing from private practice into huge “Single Provider” regional medical centers… one stop shopping like Mega Walmarts of health care with the Sotheby's price tags.

Many politicians, research analysts, and advocacy groups have taken "Big Pharma" to task for their predatory pricing, but nobody says a word about the massive medical center down the street. However, the Medical Center's popularity plays a central role in health care's lack of affordability.

Meanwhile, health care insurance companies are gobbling up competitors in a feeding frenzy to be the one and only… you guessed it… “Single Payer” for the whole health care cartel.

I know, it looks like they're working towards a monopoly! Yes, I do understand that monopolies are bad for consumers and lead to price gouging. Of, course, I know that a monopoly is like an aggressive cancer which should be surgically removed, but who is going to hold the scalpel when all our surgeons are working for the cancer?

We need a lot less of these…

and a lot more of these…

Working in private practice.

We also need a lot less of these…

and these...

Lawyers can't do health care, but they can destroy it. 
(Like everything else.)

and we definitely require at least one of these…

We have the supply all we need is your demand... and maybe a concessions stand.

Oh, look the tide is turning.