Friday, March 10, 2017

Prophecy of the Great Seal Fulfilled

Behold! America has come to fulfill the prophecy foretold within the symbolism of her Great Seal.

Our national idol a bird of prey, the bald eagle, grips a fertile olive branch in its dexter talon; the symbol of peace, prosperity, diplomacy, agriculture, and abundance.

The alternate sinister talon of the eagle wields thirteen arrows a symbol of her capacity to strike at great distances, her unparalleled military might, and as a stark but silent  warning, “Beware all you who dare oppose me, death I will reign down upon your people and leave your places desolate.”

America's conscience will not allow her to acknowledge her dependence upon the latter for the former. Our mother eagle flies off to terra incognita, and there she rules the land from the skies, picking off the weak and the weary before returning home with fresh carrion for her young.

Sustainability is... 
Eating everything you kill.